Changing Your Voice Tone To Attract Women

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Here’s an article by Brad P about the voice tones that attract women…


Voice tone is even more important than the actual words you say when communicating with women. Women make all sorts of assumptions about you based on your tone of voice. Are you comfortable with yourself? Are you a powerful man? Are you a sexual person? All of these things can be conveyed using proper voice tone.

Did you ever stop and listen really closely to the way people talk to each other? There’s actually a “tune” to it. People aren’t just talking to each other, they’re “singing” to each other all day long. Most men talk in the key of E flat. Each note in that key communicates a different emotion to the listener. Listen closely to people talking. Listen to people on TV and in movies as well. Actors have some of the best voice tones.

There are 5 types of voice tone you should learn in order to be effective in dealing with women:

1. Manly tone
2. Playful tone
3. Stage voice
4. Effeminate tone
5. Bedroom Tone

Manly tone

This is a low pitched, fairly loud, commanding tone. Keep your voice deep. Be resolute, be commanding. Talk slowly and pause between keep parts of your sentence. Pausing creates anticipation and adds importance to what you are saying.

When to use: you can use this when approaching, during storytelling, and when you are telling a woman what to do.

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Playful tone

This is a more immature tone that has a wide range of fluctuation. Your voice will go from very deep to somewhat high. Learn to do funny accents and character voices. Learn to mimic women when they say something goofy.

When to use: Anytime you are being immature, flirty, indirect, or teasing.

Stage Voice

A stage voice is a way to project your tone over loud environments or loud social groups. Make your voice much louder than it would normally be, but do not change your tonality. Use the same tonality as your “manly voice,” but speak louder and project. You can also over-annunciate certain parts of words to be heard better. For example, if you overemphasize final consonants (the consonant at the end of a word) people will know what you said even if they couldn’t hear the middle of the word. To build volume, imagine that you are on a stage and you have no microphone. Your voice must reach the people all the way in the back by the wall. Project your voice all the way to the wall. It takes time to learn this. Having trouble? Take acting lessons. They will teach you a great stage voice.

When to use: in loud clubs, in big groups, when talking over someone to keep frame, when telling a story to a large group.

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Effeminate tone

There are times when you should use an effeminate tone in order to be like “one of the girls.” It can help you win over a peer group or make girls comfortable in 1 on 1 situations. Having a “feminine side” adds dimension to your personality. Don’t be afraid to show it, just pick your spots carefully.

When to use: In a group of all girls, when communicating with the alpha female, when complimenting the females in the peer group. Use with sincere compliments containing insightful information. For example “ooh, I love your earrings. Is that Native American art? The turquoise and the feather give it an air of authenticity.”

Bedroom tone

You can talk to women in a bedroom tone long before you ever reach the bedroom. This is a great way to get her into a sexual state. It communicates sexual comfort. It shows you have sexual energy. The bedroom tone is simple to achieve. Just make your voice whispery and slow. Build intensity by talking faster and adding tension. Then ease the tension by dragging your words out more slowly. Be exciting, and then be soothing after a while. Say sexy things. Say things that make her feel safe. Say things that communicate you are the one in control. You can even get right in a girls ear and describe a sexual scenario after you’ve known her for an hour or two and you’ve built some attraction and comfort.

When to use: In one on one situations. When escalating physically. You can even use it right away and see how she responds to sexual communication.

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Master these 5 tones and you will have a great way to convey your personality and social value to women.

Brad P.


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