Check out the New Seduction Bible Podcast for 2-19-2008

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Bobby Rio and Michael Stoute from The Seduction Bible have a new podcast up.

It is split into two parts. In the first part they interview Christian Hudson who talks about his new ebook “Conquer Your Campus“.

In the second part they talk to Extramask AKA 26. He was in “The Game” and is heard in a lot of the Double Your Dating seminars and interviews.

He gives some dirt on Project Hollywood and puts the seduction community as a whole on blast.

He goes as far as to say that the people who take PUA boot camps often have bigger psychiatric problems than just not being able to communicate with women that they should be seeking professional help for instead. Then oddly at the end of the interview he plugs his new boot camp that he will be offering. Now isn’t that an interesting marketing strategy!

Check out the podcast by clicking here.

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