Check Out The Seduction Bible Podcast on How to be Popular in High School

Bobby Rio and company have a new podcast on how to be popular in high school.

They have been running a series of posts about high school game that I admittingly have not read. I’m a bit older than the targeted demographic (just by a “few” years icon_smile.gif).

Surprisingly I found this podcast incredibly entertaining. I’m about the same age as Bobby so it was kind of nostalgic listening to him talk about his high school experiences because it mimicked mine (except I had a House of Pain poster in my locker and not one of Bryan Adams).

I was a bit too engulfed by sports cards, comic books and video games in my high school years. Those are time consuming hobbies and interests that are not going to get you any love with women.

I had absolutely no grasp of fashion or how to interact socially with women.

Enough of me slamming my former self, that was then and this is now. Bobby and his brother give good advice for you whose my then is your present.

I want to briefly explain why I like TSB’s podcasts so much.

I love talk radio. I listen to Jim Rome because it doesn’t bore me like NPR does. What can I say, I have a short attention span.

I try to run this blog like Jim Rome runs his show. My readers are busy and I’m not looking for long boring confusing threads of comments about puppy dogs and ice cream. I give my “takes”. My readers leave their “takes” with comments that “do not suck” and I “rack them” (it is like saying ‘awesome comment’).

When I started checking out seduction podcasts I started with one by an older guy that had three words that start with “S” in the title. It was the NPR of seduction podcasts while The Seduction Bible’s are the Jim Rome of seduction podcasts.

That’s not saying the triple-S podcast wasn’t good with factual and valuable information. It just isn’t presented in a fashion that makes me want to listen to it. The TSB guys are just more rapid fire and to the point.

To quote Elvis, “A little less conversation, a little more action please”.

You can check out all their podcasts by clicking here.