College Dating Domination at Conquer Your Campus is released

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Conquer your campusChristian Hudson, once associated with Charisma Arts and half the duo behind Master the Vibe, has launched Conquer Your Campus in association with a college student named Mark Redman.

It is one of the first big seduction products to be released in 2008 and Conquer Your Campus sounds like it will be a big success.

Here is some info I was sent regarding the product:

It is called College Dating Domination, and as you can guess, it is about meeting girls in college.

But Conquer Your Campus is helpful whether you’re in college or not. Besides giving a breakdown of the mechanical elements of his game, Mark spends most of the book writing about female psychology and social circle game, two things which are obviously important in college, but relevant no matter where you are in life.

He writes about the four traits of what he calls a “20% Man,” one of those 20% of guys who dates and hooks up with 80% of girls.

I’ve read a earlier rough draft of “Conquer Your Campus” and it was good. The name has since changed to “College Dating Domination” and I have yet to read the final draft. Christian said that they were adding more and more pages to it up until its release today so it should be even better than the draft I read.

Once I get my hands on the final copy I’ll post a full review, in the mean time you can beat me to it and get your copy of Conquer Your Campus now.

UPDATE: Got a copy of the released version. The name of the ebook actually ending up going back to being called “Conquer Your Campus”. I’ll read it tomorrow and hopefully will have a solid review yet sometime this weekend. Subscribe to this blog feed and get it delivered to you as soon as I write it.

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