Conan O’Brien and interview Mystery

Yesterday was Mystery’s birthday.

At it states that it was Mystery’s 33rd birthday and Eric Von Markovik’s 36th birthday which is odd since they’re the same person.

Some woman apparently thought a nice birthday present would be to post his cell phone number on the internet.

A blogger named Jezebel jumped all over this opportunity to call him and do an impromptu interview with him.

If this interview isn’t bullshit, here are the best parts of it:

  • “…I’ve got three pitch meetings for a new project today…”
  • “I didn’t get to be a millionaire by not educating myself…”
  • “…I was recognized by at least fifteen people. I get recognized easily now, and everyone is just so positive…”

So he has a lot of projects on tap, he is a millionaire, he is getting recognized a lot, and he has a new apartment in West Hollywood. There are also a lot of irrelevant comments about gay porn and ass-licking.

On Thursday he was on Conan O’Brien for a 2nd time this year promoting the season finale of “The Pick Up Artist”.

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Click here to watch it

Just like with the last interview Conan mocked Mystery’s attire and his openers.

Mystery’s peacocking is a part of what makes him the mainstream media’s pick up artist of choice at this time. No one wants to see a rock star dressed like an insurance salesman. The same goes for pick up artists on TV.

The opportunity for Conan to mock his attire and the controversial subject matter is probably a large reason why he gets booked. Getting booked, even if he is mocked, gets his name out and is completely positive. I think Mystery did a great job as usual.

Anyhow, check out my review of Venusian Arts Revelation. It is Mystery’s new book and DVD program.