Conquer Your Campus is available again

conquer your campus bookConquer Your Campus book has been so successful that it seems like it has been sold out more than it has been for sale in the past weeks. Mark Redman and Christian Hudson limited sales of it to just 500 copy runs so that they could handle the accompanied conference calls and feedback.

Now Conquer Your Campus is in general release but I wouldn’t take any chances if I was thinking about buying it. I would get it now rather than risk possibly seeing it “sold out” again later.

I have read Conquer Your Campus and all I can say is that I wish I would have had it back when I was in college or even high school. The book would have taught me what it took be four and half years to learn the hard way on my own. I would have definitely been more successful with women.

I have even used the techniques from Conquer Your Campus to great success in my life today even though I graduated from college a while ago.

Check out Conquer Your Campus today and get your copy before it may be too late.