Conquer Your Campus now comes with a Nick Sparks Masters Program Interview

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The college school year is off and running and soon it will be homecoming… then Halloween. These were the two biggest party days of the school year for me.

Why not get yourself ready by getting your copy of Conquer Your Campus? Check out my Conquer Your Campus review if you yet haven’t.

Mark Redman and Christian Hudson have sweetened the pot more by offering three free masters program interviews with your purchase.

Most notable of these is the one with Nick Sparks. He teaches the Sparks of Attraction and Conquer Your Campus boot camp for Christian’s company The Social Man.

Here’s an excerpt from the sales page telling about the Nick Sparks interview…

…my buddy Nick Sparks… University of Michigan grad, is going to share his secrets for dominating college bars, skipping past lines, and getting free drinks. He’ll also teach you how to throw the biggest and baddest parties on campus - he is notorious around U of M for for his 1000+ person “Sparksapalooza”.

Conquer Your Campus“Sparksapalooza”?!? Cringe…

Lame party names aside, it sounds pretty cool. I remember throwing huge keggers and having house “groupies”.

If you are a college student or a future college student I recommend you get their copy of Conquer Your Campus now…

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