Conquer Your Campus Review and College Girls

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conquer your campus bookConquer Your Campus is a book written by Mark Redman that teaches guys who are in college how to pick up women. You can buy it here.

I had the following comment left on another post:

has anyone actually read Conquer Your Campus and can say whether it is worth it? im in college now and i think the other PUA materials (mystery method, etc) dont fit the college scene so well. is this e-book really all that? thanks.

Yes, I’ve read Conquer Your Campus and the following is my review for it.


The book is more about taking advantage of the opportunities made available by the tight structure of college life. It also talks about creating a social network to use for your advantage in order to meet women.

In college you generally know you are going to see the same women again so he treats everything differently in this book. He mentions that college game is different than doing cold approaches at a mall or club in a big city where you’ll likely never see your target again.

Conquer Your Campus gives you ideas on how and where to meet people and what to say to them (like the best topics to bring up in conversation).

You will not find canned lines, openers or routines in the book like the Mystery Method. He mentions in Conquer Your Campus that in a tight college environment using the same canned material will get you into trouble (this is obviously debatable). Mark is an advocate of using natural game which means the content of the book teaches you to act like any man who is naturally successful with women.

He also gives you dating suggestions and what to do after the date.

My Conclusion:

I think Conquer Your Campus would be beneficial and give some ideas for someone who is in college. Ultimately you will have to put what it recommends into action which might not be easy for some.

If this book was available back when I was a college student I would have bought it and not regretted it. Your college years are your best opportunities to pick up hot young women and I couldn’t figure out how to take advantage of these opportunities on my own. I’m sure I would have implemented at least a few techniques from Conquer Your Campus and if they improved my game in the least the book would have been worth it to me.

On the flip side, if you already get how college game works and have a strong social network of friends the book will not do a whole lot for you. If you have all around piss poor social skills this book is not for you.

Conquer Your Campus is NOT a magic bullet where you will read it, do little work and magically get notches on your bed post. It DOES give you ideas and tactics to steer you in the right direction and help you be more successful if you are having problems with meeting women and friends in college.

Yesterday a friend and I were talking about how relatively new the ideas of the seduction community are. Conquer Your Campus is an example of this. A year ago an opportunity to have college game dissected and broken down in such a precise and easy to digest fashion was not available. My opinion is that if you are in college now you are fortunate to have such material made available to you at this time whether you choose to use it or not. I didn’t have the same luxury years back when I was in college.

Here’s the link again if you still want to check it out:

Conquer Your Campus

Hope that helps.

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