Conversational Tips For Men When Picking Up Girls

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Here’s Jon Sinn (formerly just “Sinn”) of Sinns of Attraction with some conversation tips for men…


Hey guys,

It’s time for the Basics.

Today we’re gonna be discussing the basics of conversational ratios.

This is something that has been long misunderstood in the SUISC*, the right conversational ratio can make all the difference between coming off interesting and fun or boring and try hard.

When you first start a conversation with a group of people, you need to do the majority of the talking.

A good general rule for COLD approaches is to do 90% of the talking for the first 1-3 minutes.

Be aware of when other people are trying to contribute to the conversation.

You want to reward the girls for trying to contribute, you can do this with a compliment or touch of acknowledgment.

Don’t cut people off, instead wait for them to finish their sentence before you start talking again.

Try to keep people involved in the conversation by using check ins like ” You know what I mean.” Or ” You’ve had a situation like that right?”

Gradually try to move the conversational ratio down to 50-50 or even 60-40 with her doing the majority of the talking.

Asking questions and urging the girl to elaborate are two good ways to lower the conversational ratio AFTER you have gotten attraction.

Ok, that should clear up everything you ever wanted to know about how much you should be talking when picking up girls.

Talk to ya later,


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* SUISC is John’s pet phrase for the seduction community i.e. Secret Underground Internet Seduction Community

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