Coronavirus and Dating Advice.. The Good, The Bad, & The UGLY!

Obviously the coronavirus pandemic has put a monkey wrench in most people’s dating life..

Bars & clubs are closed.. restaurants are closed.. hooking up with a random stranger could potentially cause health issues to you and your loved ones..

In fact, condom sales are at an all time low. So don’t invest in Trojan stocks any time soon..

My advice is to lay low for now.. and then gradually get back in the swing of things as this eases up..

I think the mass media is way too down on men trying to meet and pickup girls as of lately.. but if some asshat goes out and starts aggressively approaching random girls in public during all this, they deserve to get their ass handed to them..

But what are other dating advice gurus suggesting?

Some are going along with what I’m saying..

Others are saying to go out and try to talk to girls any way, just abide to social distancing..

And some douchebags are even going as far as to use this pandemic as a marketing ploy.. creating a products on how to “get laid” during it..

I’m going to make some blog posts focusing on some of them in the next week.. so stay tuned!

It may get nasty.. so subscribe for free updates!

Until then, stay safe and make the best out of this horrible situation..

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

P.S.- You might say I’m trying to capitalize off coronavirus by making this post.. maybe.. so is every newspaper and TV station.. but I feel like I’m giving smart advice. I’m not trying to capitalize on it by telling you to go out and risk your health and that of others!