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I’ve asked his to write some articles for me and here’s what I got…

…an article that goes against everything I say about dance floors!

Oh well… I guess it makes more sense for him to write articles that differ from me than ones that are exactly the same…

Why You Shouldn’t Stay Away From The Dance Floor
by Solace

First off, let me address the fact that most “admirable” gurus say to stay away from the dance floor.


Why would any guru advise someone to stay away from an aspect of game that can severely increase your ability to succeed?

For some, it’s a self-defense mechanism created out of the fear of being judged by others. In fact that was my main perspective on dance game before I threw myself out there and figured out how easy and beneficial it was to be a part of the dance floor.

After a few weeks on the dance floor, I was able to start seeing success and did not care what others watching thought of me.

Within months I was able to plow through and attain attraction, comfort, and sexually escalate in a fraction of the time that it takes to reach the same milestones off of the dance floor.

There are a number of things that can make or break a man on the dance floor but the real trick is working with your verbal game, body language, and kino. That’s where things get more in depth.

Let’s discuss kino for now. Lets break down kino into a more familiar model. ACS.

1. Attraction- kino is mostly passive and touch is light.
2. Comfort- the kino lingers a bit longer and is allowed in more casual areas of the body
3. Sexual- the kino is heavy and utilized right can effectively pump Buying temperature.

Each kino stage generally has a time frame. Attraction, being the most important time wise, usually lasts just a minute or two. We all know what happens when you spend too much time in attraction…

Comfort kino can last five minutes to the end of the night, and so can the sexual kino.

The most important factor to the escalation is being able to determine earlier on in the interaction what your goals are for the night, and then being able to calibrate them to the set.

Have you ever seen a guy get blown out on the dance floor?

That is a direct result of getting the kino out of order or mis-calibration of escalation…

Most amateur (AFC’s) rush right into the comfort phase… To be more precise, they approach the girl from behind in the “bump-n-grind manner”.

A big milestone in dance game is the ability to recognize attraction on the dance floor. If she will not dance face to face with you, then she is not attracted.

Girls sub-communicate disinterest by solely dancing with their back to their partner.

If she is genuinely interested she will close proximity allowing for a face to face interaction on the dance floor.

In fact, 90% of the sets I hook on the dance floor hook because I reverse this role and approach facing the opposite direction of the set.

By approaching the set in this manner I have established higher value by not giving them the validation that every other guy on the dance floor has given them by approaching from behind…

Plus, this gives her an opportunity to kino me letting me know what state she’s in and how I can progress my kino game from there.

Next week: Body language

Yours truly,


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Dance Floor Game

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