Beware of dating service scams

dating service highway signIf you are wondering about a Vin DiCarlo Scam, click here for a revealing video that should help answer your questions about him…

Otherwise, on with this post :-)

Every where I go I see signs along the side of the road advertising dating websites with the name of the suburb or city in the domain name. I always wondered what the deal was with these signs.

The Milwaukee Fox news did a special investigation exposing that it is just a big scam.

Apparently you go to the website on the signs and they ask you for your contact information. They then contact you and tell you to come to a dating service office in the area for an assessment.

Once you get there they take you into a back room and put on a high pressure sales pitch that lasts several hours. They make it hard for you to leave by using psychological manipulation. What they want you to do is sign a contract for a questionable dating service that costs several thousand dollars to join.

This isn’t even a new scam, Fox did another investigation on the same company three years ago!

I cannot see anyone in the seduction community falling for this but I recommend you warning your friends, family and co-workers about it. I had one of my best friends from Florida fall for a similar dating service scam last year. I had to spend several hours over the phone giving him advice on how to get out of the contract properly within the three day grace period.

I would never use a local dating service, especially after watching these investigations. For a reliable online dating site I recommend that you Join

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