David DeAngelo’s Examples of Good Opinion Openers

Double Your DatingHere’s a short excerpt from David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating ebook with examples of some opinion openers.

I don’t give a shit what anyone says, interesting opinion openers work!

I find that the majority of guys who are socially inept have the tendency to want to talk to women about stuff THEY find interesting rather than what SHE finds interesting. Other guys just want to babble endlessly without any input from the women. Trust me here, this BORES THE SHIT out of the woman.

Opinion openers show them that you UNDERSTAND what interests an attractive woman and you at the very least are willing to let them talk and voice their opinion.

I also like how David incorporates current pop culture into his openers (at least it was current when he wrote it). Opinion openers get a bad rap because guys are so unoriginal that they will take a couple simple examples and beat them to death rather than brainstorm and come up with some current ones of their own.
The Initial Approach by David DeAngelo

I’ve tried probably 50 different types of ‘lines’ and techniques for meeting women, and I’ve found that the simple ones work the best.

If I’m in an environment that has a lot of people, and I’m with a friend, I like to start by asking a woman for her ‘opinion’ on something. Here’s how it happens… first of all, I keep my eyes open for current affairs and interesting trivia that involves gender differences and tension. This makes for amazing conversation openers with hot intelligent women.

My latest favorite: “Hey, let me ask you a question. My friend and I were talking about something, and I think we need a female perspective…” (This is a killer, by the way. It’s taken me a long time to figure this one out… but it kicks ass). Then I say “I was just looking on the internet… and do you know that the average woman in America is 5′ 4″, weighs 150 pounds, and wears a size 14?” Ohhhhhhhhhh DAMMIT


They usually grab the ball and take off into the conversation with just that.

Others include “Do you think that men understand what women really want and need?” and “What do you think of this new trend of women wanting to pay their own way… and the Charlie’s Angel’s theme song that sings about this as almost a stuck up thing to do?” … [Continued in Chapter 7 of Double Your Dating ebook]

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