David Shade’s Colorful Analogies

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Today’s the last day to get David Shade’s 2009 Masterful Lover Convention DVDs…

He’s going to stop selling them at Midnight tonight

That means he’s giving us a double helping of his colorful analogies today!

It seems like David is picking up where Dan Rather left off when it comes to these bizarre sayings.

Here’s a sampling…

From the sales page of the DVDs:

I Came Within A Gnat’s Whisker Of Not Releasing This…

What the fuck?! Gnat’s don’t have whiskers!!! They just have mustaches…

Here’s another from that same sales page…

SHE WAS MOBBED! Each time we took a break that day, men in the audience would follow her like ducklings to ask her questions about MY material.

The guys were asking HER about HIS material?! Isn’t that kind of an insult to HIM?

Also, this analogy paints his conference attendees in a bad light in my opinion… “ducklings”?!?

I would have preferred “the guys were mobbing her like piranhas on a dead cow”… piranhas are kick ass!


From a recent email:

Remaining copies of the 2009 Masterful Love Super Conference DVDs are going out the door faster than corn through a goose.

That’s just fucking GROSS!!! I will forever relate David Shade with goose shit after this analogy…

From ANOTHER recent email:

Thursday** is the last day, so you need to decide if you’re going to fish or cut bait.

WOW, a fishing analogy! I wonder if David has been hanging around with Johnny Soporno lately…

So there you go…

I hope you enjoyed!

If you don’t want to end up more worthless than tits on bacon, check out the free sample videos (including one of BRAD P) from his conference now before he takes down the sales page tomorrow…

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