David Wygant Community Review

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The David Wygant Community site is opening today after being announcing back in November.

Here’s a review of it by David Wygant himself…

It goes live at 6pm PST/9pm EST/8pm CST and you can click here to see his sales page for it…

The David Wygant Community appears to be another monthly subscription program similar to those already out there. You get charged a recurring monthly fee and in return you receive access to new material each month and special ongoing support as long as you are a member.

The material consists of new audio, video and articles. You can also communicate with David and his coaches directly along with other members through an online forum, contact form and routine teleconferences.

He has two tiers to it, a “regular” and a “platinum” level. I must have missed where he explains the difference between the two.

In regards to the price… I’m just as curious as you…

There’s probably a dozen or more of these subscription services being offered by seduction and dating companies. Each one provides different services aimed at different audiences and at different prices…

If you are interested in joining one, I recommend taking some time to decide which coach or company can best help you achieve your goals. David Wygant would not be the proper match for me but he might fit you.

If you are interested in joining his community you can click here to check it out and find out more…

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