Is David Wygant Divorced… Again?!?

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Remember back in 2010 when I talked about dating coach David Wygant getting married to Sonja Templet and having a kid on the way?

David Wygant divorced ?Well, that didn’t seem to last long…

Starting in early 2013, it appeared like he was single again based on his blogs and videos…

Ironically, David made a blog post back in May written in a highly detailed third-person narrative.

It was a story about a guy divorced for a year who has a child with his ex…


Here’s the gist of it:

The guy takes his child to the park. They run into his ex’s friend, who also has a child (I think? Wygant’s writing is really confusing) The guy wants to “bang” the ex’s friend. The children play together while the adults flirt it up. He gets her phone number. This gets back to the ex (sounds like things weren’t as steamy as you thought and the friend ratted you out bro ;-) ) and the ex gets pissed (and I’m not talking British “pissed”… I’m talking American “pissed”… AKA angry).

Smooth move, Ex-Lax!

This “story” sounds like a verse from that C+C Music Factory song from the 90’s… “Things That Make You Go Hmmm”.

Just kidding… more like “Things That Make You go Zzzz”.

Is this actually a true story that happened to David???… or is it an elaborate fictional story about a guy who seems to have a lot in common with David…

Hmmmmmmmmm…. Zzzzzzzzzz….

Regardless, if he is indeed divorced… this would be at least his 2nd since he admitted to a prior divorce in the past…

…and this guy claims to be the inspiration for “Hitch”?!?? (not that anyone really gives a shit ;-) )

I think Wygant needs to GET relationship advice rather than GIVE it…

P.S. - In all seriousness, I feel for the children in situations like this. Separation of your parents at a young age is going to create stress and adversely affect any kid.

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