David Wygant on Understanding Female Emotions And Psychology

It’s time again for your weekly dose of dating expert David Wygant. This video is titled “Understanding Female Emotions And Psychology”.

His description is: “You’ve heard it a thousand times: women are emotional messes. Relating to them is all about understanding exactly how emotional they are, and how you react is critical. Here’s a great tip you can use today to spark some interest and attraction while you’re out.”

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David is the king of meandering mind vomit. In this video, his rhetoric is so discombobulated that I have absolutely no clue what point he’s trying to get across.

He seems to advocate that if you REALLY want to learn about women, you should go to a store and watch them shop for clothes. Ok?

I’ve got a better idea: if you want to learn about women… TALK TO THEM! Interact with them. Create some form of relationship with them. Date them. Touch them. Hold them. Make love to them. DON’T go to Macy’s and pretend to be a mannequin in the woman’s section.

He also tries to claim women are “emotional” and are seeking “validation” by wanting to ensure that their clothes fit perfectly. Seriously, WTF? As a guy who gives fashion advice, you should not buy clothes unless they fit. That’s not being “emotional” or “seeking validation”, it’s just common sense that transcends the sexes!

Maybe David should come out from lurking behind the clothing rack to ask one of these women for fashion advice. He’s looking rather “disheveled” in this video. He looks like the Trivago guy:

Here’s the real deal according to me, Mack Tight:

Women are NOT “emotional messes.” Women typically act based on the emotions they are feeling at the time. Some say that men are more “logical”. That’s not necessarily true. Men are socially conditioned to be more reserved with their emotions. Exhibiting emotions is a sign of “weakness” for men, i.e. crying.

So in reality, women showing their emotions is actually more “logical” per se. It should also make them easier to “read”. The problem men have is they don’t take a temperature on a woman’s current emotional state and adapt accordingly. They just assume that she will be in the same emotional state today as she was the last time he interacted with her.

So the key is to become good at reading and adapting to a woman’s current emotional state. And sorry David, but you’re not going to accomplish that by staring at women shopping.

So what are the comments like for David’s video?

Let’s just say the word “CREEPY” pops up frequently.

All in all, a rather disappointing video by David if you ask me.

Can David Wygant redeem himself next week? Can he shut me up and make me eat my words?

You’ll have to come back next week to see another episode of “David Wygant Theatre”.

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