David Wygant’s #1 Tip To Get Out Of Your Head So You Can Meet Women

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Here’s a video by dating expert David Wygant about his #1 tip to get out of your head so you can meet women:

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Wow, David has an uncanny ability to say so little using so many words ;)

Here’s my favorite comment to this video:

I’m with you Alex! All I’ve ever seen him do is make passive small talk with shop clerks and throw out sheepish one-liners to passerby’s. In one video, he did talk to an old lady on a bench in Las Vegas.

At one point, he said he refused to approach girls on camera because he was married. Based on what I’ve heard, that excuse doesn’t hold water any more. Show us what you got David.. at least a taste!

If you want to overcome your nerves and shyness around women, check out David’s guide to fearlessly approaching women. You can also check out his website for more info.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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