David Wygant Is By Far The CRINGIEST Dating Coach On This Planet!!!

David Wygant is a dating coach. He claims to be the inspiration for the movie “Hitch”. **CRINGE**

In this video, David and his “wingman” Alex show you “how to say hello to a woman”…

Watch it, let it all soak in, and then read below for my OPINIONS about the video..


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How the FUCK did David think this video was anything but cringy?!? Did he somehow think it was “funny”? Did he think it taught some kind of idiotic lesson?

This is something I would have done in junior high.. David is 54 fucking years old!!!

The funny thing is that I saw the “Alex” guy in this video in another one of David’s videos. He seemed to actually have his shit together. And then he fucks everything up and becomes David’s dancing monkey by jumping in the cart and acting like a total dipshit.

Ok guys, all this cringe has got to me.. I need to drink a beer and calm down…

***Goes To Fridge, Grabs Beer, Immediately Shotguns it***

Alright, my beer is gone.. and I’m STILL wound up…

What makes this video even more cringy are the comments from the supposed “viewers”…

Now, I don’t want to necessary insinuate anything, because I don’t have definitive proof.. but it sure is suspicious when David posts an asinine video like this and comments popup talking about how “hilarious” it is and how David and Alex are “fuckin geniuses”..

Were these commentators really fucking serious, hired by David, high on crack, or just plain watching a different video?!?

At the time of this writing, there were 815 views with 26 thumbs ups vs 26 thumbs down.. yet here were the comments:

Jon C. 14 hours ago

you guys a fuckin geniuses

Roger Watson 2 hours ago

That’s hilarious!

Darth Belal 4 hours ago

What they’re trying to say is stop giving a shit and just be who you are……

Mike Hamilton 11 hours ago

You two drowned in pussy that night no doubt.

Yes, those are completely logical comments for this video.. they most certainly are not sockpuppet comments or anything… most certainly not.. of course this is only my opinion (LOL)…

I love how “Darth Belal” goes out of his way to try to defend David by backward rationalizing this stupid fucking video…

“What they’re trying to say is stop giving a shit and just be who you are……”

Would a “normal” viewer of this video REALLY make a comment like that?!

Whatever.. I can’t prove anything.. everything I say is just my opinion.. and that being said, if “who you are” is a guy in his mid-50s who pushes other guys around in a Whole Foods grocery cart while they frantically wave and say “hello” to no one.. DON’T BE WHO YOU FUCKING ARE!!!

Holy shit David.. I want to like you. I don’t enjoy getting worked up. I want to be positive and say good things. But you’re not fucking helping me out now, are you!

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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