David Wygant on how to talk sexual to women

David Wygant is a dating expert who teaches natural game.

Frequently he films short videos of his students shot “gonzo” style. They discuss a certain topic in an open forum. In the video below they talk about the importance of sexual communication with women.

I will share my comments as usual below the video:

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I will never think of Mr. Miyagi and The Karate Kid in the same way again icon_smile.gif

Being able to talk sexually to women and be comfortable doing it is so important in becoming successful with women. When I was an AFC I was always too scared to say anything overtly sexual to a woman I just met or even to those I knew for a long time. When I did say something sexual I said it in a way that it came off obnoxious or made them uncomfortable.

Now I can speak sexually to women comfortably in a way that creates attraction.

If you want to learn more about David Wygant’s products then check out his website.