David Wygant Texting With Girl Date Video - 2 Minutes of Zzzzz…

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David Wygant just posted a new video where he’s supposedly on a date with a girl. Instead of talking to her, he texts her. Even though they are right next to each other.

Watch Part 2: David’s Texting Tips for Guys HERE

This is like a Saturday Night Live skit that goes on too long. We get the drift after 1 sequence of them texting back and forth. We do not need to set through 7 more f*cking texting exchanges. I got so bored 30 seconds into it that I started playing with my phone instead of watching it.

Let’s face it, smart phones are pacifiers for all men and women over 13 years of age. People have incredibly short attention spans nowadays. They pull out their phone whenever there’s 5 or more seconds of down time.

Sure, it’s annoying at times. But if a damn phone is more interesting than you, you suck. You must be as boring as this f*cking video.

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Back to this video, I find it funny that David Wygant is bashing on people being glued to their phones yet he has a program called “Guys Guide to Texting”. But really, what would you expect from “Hitch” ;-)

Texting is not going anywhere friends. You can futilely try to fight it or you can use it to your advantage. I choose the later.

You can check out David’s texting tips video here >>>

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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