Deck Of Destiny REVIEW ~ FREE Way To Get LAID or A SCAM?

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Deck Of Destiny is a new men’s dating card game by Owen Evans and Craig Miller of Gotham Dating Club.

You can check out their video about it here.

It’s supposedly “free” and can “get you laid”. I’ll expose the truth in this Deck Of Destiny review.

Craig Miller is best known for his other men’s dating programs Sexual Decoder System, Silent Seduction and Sexual Activation Blueprint. I’ve never heard of Owen Evans.

They claim that Deck Of Destiny is “free”. In reality, there’s $7.99 “shipping and handling fee”. That’s still not bad. But keep reading do see if there’s anything hiding in the fine print.

The Deck Of Destiny comes with the following.

- The Deck of Destiny
- The “Enhancement Pack” Book
- The “Surrender Sequence” Book
- The Deck of Destiny smartphone app
- 2 weeks of “Inner Circle” Access

So you get a deck of special cards, and books explaining how to use them to connect and seduce girls. The “app” is actually just a link to a website where you can play the cards on your phone through a web browser.

The cards themselves are supposed to get you laid by inflicting EMOTIONAL CONNECTION + TRUST with the woman. That makes her supposedly more likely to become intimate with you.

The cards basically have questions on them that the woman is supposed to answer. The questions invoke emotional responses from her. Some questions even ask her to explain her emotions.

I’ve tested out the cards. They worked great when I used them on a first date I was on. It made the conversation go smoothly without any awkward silences. I’ve also used it when out with a social group to great success.

I’ve used the deck with girls in a bar with mixed results. Typically I didn’t break out the cards until well into the conversation. Some girls loved it, others were bored.

Regardless, I think the deck is a great tool to use with women. Give it a try. Just be warned, the “Inner Circle” is only free for 2 weeks. After that it’s $24.83 per week to continue, billed monthly. So cancel your membership sooner than later if you don’t want to get socked with a nearly $100 charge in a couple weeks.

You can check out the video about them here or jump right to getting your “free” deck here.

That’s my Deck of Destiny review. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments section below or contact me. Also, feel free to leave your own Deck Of Destiny review in the comments below.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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  • Sherman
    August 7th, 2016 at 9:43 am

    Can you email me some of the questions on those cards for examples?

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