Derek “Cajun” of The Mystery Method/Love Systems on Keys to the VIP

Here’s the video of Cajun from The Mystery Method/Love Systems on Keys to the VIP:

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It is nice to see the guys from K2theVIP acknowledging the community and using some community lingo (i.e. neg, PUA, etc). They seem to like to pretend that they are oblivious to the fact that there is a pickup community out there but they can’t really be that blind can they? It would be like having a show about cars and not knowing about the AAA.

The whole “student vs. teacher” scenario made it a bit anticlimactic. In the movies the student may win but it usually doesn’t work that way in real life. Apparently it was a last minute arrangement. I would have much rather seen a routine based PUA take on a natural game PUA.

At first Cajun seemed rather text book. Whenever I hear someone say “it’ll cost you $x every time you touch me” it makes me groan. I understand the concept of putting yourself as a higher value and turning the tables on women but that line just seems so played out and cheesy to me. It is almost as bad as watching J Dog begging girls to buy him drinks in the first episode of VH1’s “The Pick Up Artist“. Times like those make you wish the Mystery Method/Venusian Arts would evolve more with time.

Then Cajun silents the routine based haters by showing the power of routines when used with some originality and creativity (for more check out Love Systems’ new Routines Manual). I often use the “little sister” routine but I tie it into the girl being a little brat. He called the girl his little sister and added a future adventure projection (FAP) that was one of the best I’ve heard.

Most of the FAP’s I hear are pretty lame. They are just gobbily-gook nonsense about bubble wrap, magic carpets and space ships. I’ve always found those to be rather cheesy. Cajun instead uses a realistic yet humorous scenario by saying he was going to “climb trees and drink Kool-Aid” with his new little sister. What an awesome FAP!

It was also quite awesome seeing him rebound after opening the set by saying they look like “retards” (did anyone else think the bleeped word was “bitches” or was it just me?)

I think Cajun did an excellent job of defending routine based pickup at a time where the natural game gurus are taking potshots at them every opportunity that they can get.

After watching it all I realized that the four guys commenting on the pickups are not qualified to comment on someone of the level of Cajun. Sure they may have muscles, trendy clothes, wispy hair and snappy one liners but I think it would have been more fitting sending them out in the field for once and proving themselves while Cajun critiqued them.

Cajun’s has some new videos on body language and physical escalation (”kino”) called Beyond Words DVD

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If you want to learn some of the routines that Cajun uses, check out Love System’s new Routines Manual.