Did Jimmy Fallon FUCK Nicole Kidman? (The Answer Will SHOCK You!)

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Was Jimmy Fallon a pickup artist before he was married? Was he a womanizer and smooth with the ladies like his buddy Justin Timberlake?

Nicole Kidman might have given us a hint to the truth when she recently appeared on The Tonight Show. She described her previous “encounter” with host Jimmy Fallon during his earlier Saturday Night Live days.

Apparently, she thought he was cute and was interested in possibly dating him. (I think she really wanted to fuck him.)

A mutual friend took her to his place, and guess what happened. Did Jimmy seduce Nicole? She wanted him, and was putting it on the table for him. Did he FUCK her brains out?

I think this picture spoils the answer.

jimmy fallon dating nicole kidman

NO! According to her, he seemed uptight, evasive and uninterested. In fact, he ignored her and started playing video games. She became bored and left thinking that he was possibly gay.

This is obviously NOT the way you want to act around beautiful women.

Jimmy Fallon is a hard man to read. He is funny and likeable, which are successful traits when interacting with women. Yet, he at time seems a bit socially awkward and anxious. These are absolute female attraction KILLERS.

Nicole’s story skewers him more towards the later. But he handled the awkward story like a boss.

Watch the video here:

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Like any talk show, a lot of what the host and guest talk about is rehearsed. That being said, Jimmy seemed fun and flirty in his interaction. It really shows in the video below where he plays a game with Nicole.

I dig Jimmy’s “quit staring at my fine ass” vibe. He’s playfully acting like HE’S the prize. This is a great way to act around attractive women. Most guys kiss their ass and come off as pathetic and needy.

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It’s casual,

Mack Tight

P.S. - I know a lot of the snarky celeb blogs bash Nicole Kidman and her rumored “plastic surgery”. But I think she is fine as fuck, especially for being 47 years old! If she did have “plastic surgery”, I want to shake her surgeon’s hand.

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