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Eseduce Blog & Newsletter Disclaimer:

3rd Party Articles/Newsletters

I often use articles or newsletters supplied or given to me by other people/companies. When this is done, I try to do make it obvious that I did not write the material myself…

I feel that these articles/emails give value and another perspective about picking up women… I am not responsible for what is said in these articles, all views and statements are made by the actual article/email author and not by me…

Affiliate Relationships

Writing and maintaining this eSeduce blog and the corresponding newsletter takes a lot of time and money… so I need a method to make some money to compensate for it all…

I do this by using affiliate links for products. If you click on a link, you can assume it is an affiliate link…

These links do not effect you… and you pay the same for any product as you would by purchasing it without the affiliate link.

Product Reviews

Some of the products I review on this site, I get free from the company/person who creates the product… I try not to let this affect my reviews and I’ve given a few really critical reviews to products I’ve been given free to review…

Product Testimonials And Details

Some testimonials and details of products in my posts or newsletters are taken directly from the company or person who created it… I try to make it obvious that these details were taken from the site and not collected or made by me… I cannot prove that this information is completely factual or if it isn’t, it’s the company’s/person’s responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of this information in this case and not mine…

Purchases And Credit Card Charges

I do not sell any products of my own at the time of writing this disclaimer (10/29/2010)… I do not charge credit cards myself. If you clicked through a link on this site and gave someone your credit card information, they are the ones who charged you for a product.

If you are looking for a refund or questioning charges made, please first contact the company or person whose product it is. I obviously do not have the power to do anything about it, but I am more than willing to assist in helping you if you purchased a product directly through one of my links and the person/company did not meet the terms that were listed on their site at the time of the purchase and refuses to do something about it…

The bottom line is that I do NOT want to see my readers get SCAMMED… Unfortunately sometimes things fall through the cracks and I’m at the mercy of other PUA’s integrity, but I will do what I can to stop any reader of mine from being taken advantage of…

Blog Comments

I encourage you to write comments on any eSeduce blog posts. Each comment goes into a queue to be reviewed before being posted. The comment does or does not get approved based on it’s relevance, spamminess, value, offensiveness, quality, or I might just not want to approve it for absolutely no reason. I put a lot of time and money into this site and I have total discretion what is put on it by others.

The simple truth is most of the comments I get are illegible and/or spam. If you write a smart comment that adds value to the post and isn’t completely obnoxious… it will be approved, it will just take some time.

If you have any questions about this disclaimer… feel free to contact me.

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