Dissecting a Ross Jeffries attack

Thundercat once said pissing off Ross Jeffries is a rite of passage in the seduction community.

I have to give Ross credit, he knows how to get buzz by slinging shit.

Here’s what normally happens:

1. Ross makes a comment, email or post talking shit about someone.

2. That someone responds to the remark.

3. Third-party blogs (like mine) will pick up on the controversy and blog about it. People will leave comments.

4. Threads and discussions will be made in various forums and message boards.

People will take sides. Even if Ross loses he really won with all the free publicity.

Most of Ross’s attacks are much of the same:

1. The guru is too good looking

2. They are not qualified to teach

3. They ripped off his teachings

4. They ripped customer(s) off

He is like a boy crying wolf over and over again yet everyone continues to jump when he does it.

It makes me question how much of it is orchestrated.

We all know “beef” sells rap music, I’m sure it sells seduction products too.

I actually jacked Ross’s frame and criticized him with a post back in early February. He read it and came back 24 hours later to make a comment basically calling me irrelevant.

That’s like a prostitute calling a porn star a “whore”.

If you really want to visit Captain Irrelevant’s Speed Seduction site you can click here. I do admit that his Speed Seduction Starter Kit includes a ton of MP3s and ebooks for under $30. Now whether all that material is worth $30 is another question entirely…

It’s casual,
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