Do not confuse Beta Males with Omega Males

Everyone knows that an “alpha male” is the dominant male of the “pack”.

But I seriously cannot believe how many people in the community use the term “beta male” for the lowest male of the pack.

That is wrong

First and foremost, let me bring you up to snuff on the Greek alphabet…

There are 24 letters in it.

The name of the first letter is “Alpha” which would be the equivalent to the English letter “A”.

Next is the letter named “Beta” which is the equivalent to our “B”.

The LAST letter is named “Omega” which is like our “Z”.

So the weakest male of a pack is actually the “omega male” NOT a “beta male”.

These terms come from studies of social animals or “pack” animals in the wild such as wolves. Members of the community apply them to humans since we are ALSO social animals.

Here is how Wikipedia describes Beta and Omega males:

…the beta male, which is the contender, subservient to the alpha male, but only after testing. The betas act as second-in-command and can either be dethroned alpha males or future alphas if they persist in challenging the regnant alpha male. The term omega (ω) is an antonym often used in a deprecating or self-deprecating manner to refer to member at the bottom of the social hierarchy. The omega is subservient to all members.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with being a beta male. At my job, I’m a beta male in the “pack” structure of the company.

I’m not the President or CEO who would be the “alpha male” and I’m not the part-timer who does janitorial work who is the “omega male”.

John AlexanderThe key is to be either the alpha male or a beta male who is progressing toward eventually being able to challenge the alpha male.

That is what the seduction community is all about; continuously making progress in bettering yourself.

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