Do Only Tall Guys Get All The Women?

Here’s a quick article by dating and relationship expert Scot McKay about height and dating. Scot’s the author of Secrets To Success With Women For Shorter Men.


Hey Man…

Take a guess at what the average height is for men worldwide.


It’s 5′8″.

Did you guess a lot taller than that? If so, I’m not surprised.

Based on what we see and hear on television, and how most of us feel whenever we’re lost in a big crowd, it’s easy to think that “average” has to be over six feet.

But that’s just not true…unless you’re in Holland, Montenegro or parts of Scandinavia.

Even here in the United States the average guy is only 5′9″.

Yet it seems like whenever women are asked to describe what their Prince Charming would be like, the first word out of their mouth is “tall”.

And log in to any online dating site and women almost always seem to START their height range at six feet.

If you happen to be under six feet tall, this can be extremely unnerving…not to mention frustrating.

I mean, if you’re getting heavy you can lose weight. If you’re bald you can use Rogaine.

But if you’re short there’s not a whole lot you can do about it.

Sure, some guys have told me they’re considering leg lengthening surgery–but it’s REALLY risky, leaves you bedridden for up to six months and STILL only makes you an inch and a half taller.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, by now you know that I’m an avid conqueror of the most dreaded limiting beliefs.

I’m not very tall, but I haven’t had any problem meeting and dating the women I really wanted. Nowadays, I wake up next to my dream woman every morning.

And get this…

I’m the first and only man under six feet tall that my wife Emily has EVER dated.

Yet, anyone who has ever seen us together immediately realizes she adores him. We’re the real deal.

How is that possible? Is it a weird fluke?

tall women short menBased on the experiences of those who’ve been transformed by my program, I can tell you for sure: It is NOT a fluke.

Secrets To Success For Shorter Men has transformed the lives of hundreds and hundreds of men all over the world in the best way possible.

YES…no matter what you’ve read or what you’ve been told, you CAN and SHOULD attract the women you really want, regardless of your height.

I will even show you how to make your height a clear advantage over taller men.

Best of all, discovering ALL these secrets won’t break the bank.

I realize you may be skeptical, which is why you should see what’s behind this link.

No, this isn’t for everyone.

But if you’re shorter than average, this program and I are about to become your best friend ever.

(Oh, and by the way…I’ll show you how to date that woman you’ve got your eye on whose a few inches taller than you are. She’s NOT out of your league. Not by a long shot.)


Scot McKay
X & Y Communications