Do Women Find Big Muscles Attractive?

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There’s this preconceived notion that women are turned on by huge ‘roided-out body builder guys.

There’s actually a Harvard study from 2000 that shows that most guys grossly overestimate the amount of muslces needed to be attractive to women while garnering status and influence.

In fact, they overestimate by as much as 30 pounds!

Well, Brad Howard, creator of Adonis Effect, set out to do his own study…

He asked 50,000 women what they thought was attractive muscle-wise…

Here’s his video about the results…

==> Watch Big Muscles Are Bad Video…

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…

After you watch the video, make sure to use the calculator on the side to figure out your “Adonis Index“…

Basically you put in your sizes and it spits out the tweaks you need to make to get the perfect body shape.

From there you can get a report and two weeks worth of workouts all at no cost.

Check it out now:

==> Get YOUR Adonis Index, report and two week workout plan…

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