Do you tell people that you are a pick up artist?

One of the major disagreements me and Vedran have is our stance on telling others that we study pick up.

If Vedran had his choice, he would grab the microphone from the DJ and announce it to the whole club. If we start talking to some random guy for more than five minutes he tells them that we are into “the game”. If he goes on more than a couple day2’s with a girl he discloses that he is a pick up artist to her. If I have a friend coming into town he asks me if my friend knows that I’m studying pick up. If the answer is no, he volunteers to be the person to tell them.

I am on the complete opposite spectrum. I find it quite arrogant to tell people that you are a pick up artist. Does a natural tell others that he is a natural? I am just a guy who was not successful with women who is trying to become better.

The truth is naturals do not talk about their success with women instead they show that they are successful with women. I think telling others that you are a pick up artist is a form of seeking validation. It is no different than trying to impress others by bragging about your money or car. It reeks of AFCness and it turns people off. Why would my friend who is fucking a gorgeous successful woman care if I’m a pick up artist? Should he be somehow impressed?

Back when I was an AFC I always tried to sell to others that I was successful with women mainly because I could not show it. I constantly brought up my prior conquests, even though they were few and far between. I tried to portray myself as a “player”. I remember at a wedding reception I did this and one of my friend’s girlfriends called me out on my AFC banter. “If you are such a player why are you without a woman now?” At the time I was offended but today I realize she was entirely true and by calling me out she was making me face my problems rather than allowing me to cover them up.

I’m probably overreacting. I told others that I studied computer science within minutes of meeting them, why is telling them that I’m studying pick up any different? Is there anything wrong with just trying to find out if you and someone you met share a similar interest? Is there anything wrong with being honest now that I am not an AFC?

Maybe I am still embarrassed by my need for validation in the past. It has made me overly sensitive about such a trivial matter. I am drawing a correlation between two situations when there is none.
All I know is that when Vedran volunteers to tell someone that we are pick up artists I throw a tantrum and try to change the subject.

What are your opinions about this?