Do You Want to Be Right or Do You Want to Get Laid?

There’s a saying “do you want to be right or happy?”..

It means being the person who has to be right often leads to people hating you.. which makes your life more difficult..

This comes into play when dealing with friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers.. but it really comes into play with dating and relationships..

I do think it’s important to be a leader and “alpha”..

But there’s times where you need to pick your battles and keep your damn mouth shut..

For example, I find that attractive women are very susceptible to following “pseudosciences”..

Pseudosciences are perceived sciences with no actual scientific evidence or backing..

For example, astrology says we can determine our compatible lovers by the stars and thus birthdates..

Reiki says you can heal bodies by transmitting energy from your palm to free trapped energy in the body..

I personally find both of these pseudosciences incredibly illogical and utterly ridiculous..

But should I try to convince someone that they are wrong and that I’m right?

Is that productive towards obtaining my goal with the girl.. to date or sleep with her?

Your ego is really your biggest enemy in regards to obtaining what you want..

Don’t let your ego get the best of you!

Let people believe what they like. You are not likely to change their mind any how.

You are only going to make them not want to be around you..

“Being right” is not always “right” for you..

So choose “getting laid” over “being right”..

Don’t compromise your morals.. but don’t try to convince someone their morals or believes are wrong..

This also goes for religion, politics, etc.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight