Does Having No Shame Make Good PUA Game?

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“Community” is a NBC comedy about a Colorado community college featuring Chevy Chase and Joel McHale…

It pisses me off that witty shows like it get shitty ratings while swarms of idiots can’t get enough of American Idol and Dancing With The Stars…

I digress… any way, in last Thursday’s episode they tackled some interesting pickup artist related topics… such as why women are attracted to guys who are indifferent and hate nice guys…

If you have a half hour to spare, I recommend watching it below (probably only available to those in US):

Yep, I spoiled the episode with this post title… the carnival worker attracted women because he had no shame…

The idea of having “no shame” is not something widely talked about in the seduction community… so I did some research…

When I looked for a definition of “shame”… I found words like:

* guilt
* embarrassment
* regret
* unworthiness
* self-hatred

So having “no shame” simply means you don’t internally beat yourself up over everything…

Now don’t get me wrong… I also found hundreds of quotes about how you SHOULD have
shame… and I agree that you should have morals and abide by them…

But I also think being ashamed of things you can do nothing about is totally unproductive…

Do you agree that having “no shame” is an attractive quality in a man?

Do you have no shame?

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It’s casual,

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