A dog is NOT a PUA’s best friend

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I love dogs. Most of them are smart and loyal. They are supposed to be man’s best friend.pug dog

But the more successful I become with women; the more I start to hate them.

It seems like having a dog is mandatory for all single women without a child over the age of 22. Their maternal clock tells them they should be a mom to something so they get a dog. They usually choose small and annoying dogs. Most spoil the dog and do not properly train it.

Some of the breeds, such as labs, are tolerable. The girl and I pet the dog then she gives it a treat and we can go have our fun without interruption while the dog amuses itself.

Other breeds, such as pugs, do not like having to compete for attention with their mom’s new friend.

They start seeking attention by doing mischievous things. I’ve had dogs chew up my shoes. I’ve stepped in shit late at night from dogs who decided to create a dog turd mind field in retaliation for being restricted to the kitchen by a movable fence.

They really do not like to find their prized spot next to mom on the bed occupied by someone else. I’ve woken up with dogs setting on my face and I’ve had dogs take running pounces upon my family jewels.

I guess it isn’t really the dog’s fault. They mean well.

They will be just another thing I will learn to deal with like the cockblocking guy friend and the mother hen friend who wants to keep her chicks from the fox.

I can see now why so many pick-up artists have PUA names with “cat” or cat themes. Cat’s don’t give a fuck.

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