Doing stand-up comedy to improve your communication skills

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I have heard some suggest that you should take stand-up comedy or improv classes to improve your communication skills.

I agree…

I think any thing you do that FORCES you to speak in front of people is a good thing.

I recently volunteered for a festival and at the beginning I was tired, felt awkward and a bit off. I was forced to deal with people and by the end I was a verbal rock star. I was even cracking jokes and women were lapping it up.

A lot of people claim that singers, rappers, professional athletes, politicians and comedians all get laid because they have lots of money, fame and power…

…but I’d like to think that routinely performing in front of large audiences and being frequently interviewed may have a bit to do with it too.

I thought it was interesting to hear Brad P. say when I recently interviewed him that he developed his public speaking skills by doing dating workshops.

Here’s a clip of Ryan Clauson, author of Listen Act Attract, performing stand-up comedy (warning: NSFW due to language):

First, what did you think of it? Funny??? Lame???

Should Ryan take one of Barry Kirkey’s classes or should he be teaching Kirkey how to be funny?!?

After telling well structured comedic stories to a large mixed audience I’m sure telling stories to a small set would be a piece of cake.

If you have problems developing your social skills on your own, consider finding a method that FORCES you to develop your social skills such as taking a class or volunteering. Even consider TEACHING a class if you have a skill or expertise to share.

As for Ryan Clauson, you can click here to check out his Listen Act Attract site where he teaches how to become better with women

UPDATE: Ryan interviewed me as part of his new “The Powerful Man” program. He also interviewed David Wygant, Ross Jeffries, Carlos Xuma, Christian Hudson and 6 more dating experts. You can get all 17 hours of interviews along with his Listen Act Attract program at a super low price by clicking here.

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