Don’t Rationalize With Woman

The Big Bang TheoryThere’s a TV show on CBS called “The Big Bang Theory“. The show consists of 2 nerdy guys and a hot girl who lives next door to them.

The main plot of the show seems to be “socially uncalibrated nerd rationalizes with girl, girl rolls eyes and walks away annoyed”… rinse… repeat.

Women LOVE this show… I can only assume they can relate to it.

Below is A online dating Q&A with Dave M. of Insider Internet Dating where the reader asking the question seems like he may be related to Sheldon from the show…


‘I sent this woman whose profile I’d just seen an email, in which I asked her if she gets a lot of emails from guys telling her their life stories trying to impress her with what nice guys they are.

She responded: ‘Can you tell me what you mean?’

I didn’t see anything ambiguous about the question, so I wrote back:

‘Although I realize that women put everything a man says through at least one what-did-he-mean-by-that filter, I don’t see how I can put the question more simply. Maybe you can point out the ambiguity to me.’

Her response [and I quote]: ‘Buzz off!’

Evidently she saw my response to her question as sarcastic and rude. At the risk of being called a dumb ass, maybe you could explain to me how I could have responded without being boring or too nice.’



Whoa. Man you’re doing this all wrong. I need to put you in detention for a week or something.

I feel for you… I think everyones been where you are right now.

Heres the problem: You’re trying to RATIONALIZE with a woman!

Shame on you. Its like trying to talk to a brick wall.

Ever hear the phrase: ‘Men are from mars and women are from venus’?

We (Men) rationalize, women don’t.

You’re trying to get her interested in you by making her think. Not good. You basically showed her through your actions that you were a wuss and didn’t know what’s ‘Up’.

It’s o.k. because you need to look at, and think of every interaction as a learning experience.

Both good and bad.

So what can you learn from this interaction?

You should stick with the 5 step template from my Insider Internet Dating product.

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Stick to the system until you’re able to deviate from it.

To your dating success,

Dave M.