Don’t settle for bronze when you can go for the gold

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Recently I met up with a wing at a bar that in my impression was full of 5, 6, and 7’s with very few HB’s if any. This would not have been an issue if it was earlier in the night and we were warming-up or even if it was a Monday, but this was during prime time on a Saturday.

He was plowing through sets so I did the same. I opened a set of 6 and 7’s and I number closed the target. I settled based on the quality of that venue.

The next day I was mad at myself. Why did I waste my time at a venue with such a limited amount of HB’s?


Sure, maybe you have a lot of friends who go to that sub par venue that night. Maybe it is close to your house or apartment. Maybe it has good drink specials. Maybe you know the bouncers, bartenders and waitresses. Maybe there is no line to get in.


Drive the extra miles. Pay the extra bucks for drinks. Wait the extra minutes or even hours to get in. You belong there, not at a sub par venue full of bronze medals.

Maybe your impression of a gold medal is different than others. Maybe you like larger women. That’s fine. If that is the case then do not settle with a venue full of Nicole Richie clones just because you are comfortable there and it is convenient.


Gold Medal

It’s casual,

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