Don’t teach Pickup to someone who doesn’t want to learn it

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I’m a fan of Mystery. He is a great teacher and a true innovator.

I recommend his Venusian Arts Revelation book and taking a Venusian Arts Bootcamp.

That being said, I totally disagree with many elements of last nights episode of The Pickup Artist.

I think the path toward becoming good with women is one that should solely rest on your own shoulders.

I really don’t like the fact that these guys were judged based on the abilities of their friends. It didn’t make sense and it wasn’t fair.

The contestants were at the mercy of their friends willingness to learn, incoming social skills and overall outgoingness.

Greg’s friend had the ability but he was paralyzed by approach anxiety. The greatest gurus out there admit that there is no proven surefire solution to curing approach anxiety. Maybe if Greg could have been in the club with him he could have pushed him more. There was little he could do watching surveillance footage outside in a van or by going in and talking to him for 30 seconds.

Matt’s friend just didn’t want to learn. He basically was there because he felt like he was doing his friend a favor. He was indignant and combative at times.

To be honest, I don’t necessarily blame the guy though. If he didn’t want to learn the material then he shouldn’t have been taught it. Teaching those who don’t want to learn is a waste of time for both people.

Simeon’s friend was willing and eager to learn. He went as far as to get his lip pierced for the cause. When he went into the club he was outgoing and social. Even the greatest teacher cannot make someone who is antisocial and introverted into being social and outgoing in a matter of a few days. Simeon’s friend was probably the best with women of the three even before even being taught.

Obviously the winner of the show will be coaching for the Venusian Arts so that means Mystery has a vested interest in their coaching ability. For that reason, I think Simeon is going to be the winner next week.

But I think the ability to teach others is a VERY UNimportant part to becoming highly successful with women. Most of the “naturals” I know are often not even conscious of what they do to attract women.

Others are not in the business of making others more successful. I had one “natural” friend who did everything he could to keep me as the AFC wing who was no threat to him in regards to competition with women. It was 100% my own fault for not seeing it and for hanging out with him.

I think the biggest thing I want you to take from this is that you should not be preaching pickup to those who haven’t voluntarily came and set in your pews.

I learned this the hard way. I was so into pickup a few years back that when me and one of my noncommunity friends went out the only thing I talked about was theory and lingo. I blamed him for doing a poor job winging me. I was a real tool and it was a major contribution to the end of our friendship.

Since then, I had another friend who was aware of my involvement in the seduction community but he wasn’t interested in it so I never mentioned it to him again. One day he came upon some videos of Mehow infield and was so inspired by it that he called me to talk about it. Since then, he’s been one of my most valuable wings.

You’re responsible for your own success. If you feel that a friend is holding you back, quit hanging around with him for a while and see if you become more successful. Never blame him for your own failures and never try to drag a mule to water. Let him drink when he is ready…

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  • MetMet
    November 24th, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    Totally agree. You can’t choose when is the right moment 4 someone to learn. I read my first “pick up material” like 4 before I entered the community. And I’m happy of that. It wasn’t the moment for me.

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