Double Flake Reversal Technique

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Here’s the Double Flake Reversal Technique taken from Tenmagnet and Derek Cajun’s recent Love Systems interview on dealing with flaking.

This technique is used to turn the tables on a girl who flaked on you. It was originally created by Brad P. In fact, he describes it in detail in his popular Planning The Perfect Date ebook



Use this if she flakes on you with a late text message, voicemail, or if she doesn’t even contact you.

* Pretend it never happened.

* Pretend YOU were the one who couldn’t make it.

* Call or text to apologize.

It sounds absurd, but it works. Whatever you do, do not shake your inviolable frame that, despite any and all possible evidence to the contrary, you were the one who couldn’t make it. If she insists on pointing out that she canceled too (which is rare), act relieved.

For bonus points, slip straight into the “make it up to you” technique (covered in the interview).

It’s astounding how well this works. It doesn’t make sense or fit any nice neat theories, but it does, so have fun with it.


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For more great anti-flaking techniques like this, check out the Cajun and Tenmagnet interview on flaking here.

It includes:

* How to timebridge the date so that she is more likely to agree to meet up.
* How to match your communication style to a woman’s to create comfort on the phone.
* How to show interest but not neediness over the phone.
* How to suggest a meetup.
* How to deal with flaking when it happens.
* Treating dates like options and not priorities and why you should do it.

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