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download californicationLast October I mentioned how I thought Showtime’s “Californication” was a good show for PUA’s to watch.

Here’s an excerpt from that post:

I started watching Showtime’s “Californication” recently. The first three episodes were amazing. I counted four topless girls getting fucked in the first episode alone.

David Duchovny’s character was awesome. He was cocky and funny. He just didn’t give a fuck. He was in his mid-40’s and was tapping hot young girls like kegs at a frat party. It was the first time I heard “Fuck, Marry, Kill” referenced outside of the seduction community.

Then as the episodes go on his oneitis for his ex-girlfriend starts kicking into high gear.

Here’s a preview of the series:

Below is a clip with parts of episode 1. If I remember right this was probably the only five minutes of the episode where there wasn’t nudity.

If you want to check the show out you can download episodes from Amazon or Californication - Californication, Season 1. You can also download the full season for a discounted price.

If you prefer DVDs, you can preorder the Season 1 DVD Set at Amazon now.

Season 2 will start showing on Showtime late summer. Hopefully they can end the chick flick mentality of the later episodes of season 1 and bring the ballsiness of the first few episodes back.

Let me know what you think of the show.

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