Dr. Phil Highlights: A flasher gives it to Dr. Phil

Leading up to the seduction community being shown on Dr. Phil on Friday, I figured I’d show some classic clips that show how much of a tool Dr. Phil is.

Here’s a clip where a chronic flasher does a great job of handling Dr. Phil’s yammering double talk.

Dr. Phil tries to alpha male a guy who has a problem with flashing women. The guy is fighting a losing battle in front of a primarily female audience.

Dr. Phil calls him “buddy” which in my opinion is very disrespectful. I give the guy credit for quickly returning the “buddy” remark to Phil. (Notice the convenient lengthy cut to a laughing and smiling female audience member when Dr. Phil makes a lame comment about brain surgeons of which the guy effectively disproves)

The guy has nothing to promote and realizes he isn’t getting any help so he effectively picks apart Dr. Phil. Phil turns tail like a pussy and basically kicks the guy off the show because he cannot handle such attacks. CBS selectively ends the clip with a lame joke that is in favor of Phil.

The few times I’ve actually seen Dr. Phil he never really seems to help anyone. He just exploits the peoples’ problems in front of the world and talks condescendingly to them.