Dr. Phil Highlights: Philly proves he’s a hypocrite with the Bum Fights producer

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Leading up to the seduction community being shown on Dr. Phil on Friday, I figured I’d show some classic clips that show how much of a tool Dr. Phil is.

Here’s an example of Dr. Phil publicizing what he claims he will “refuse to publicize”.

The guest is the creator of Bum Fights:

The segment was not removed from the episode which you think Phil would do if he was so disgusted by it and didn’t want to publicize it.

In fact this clip was taken directly from CBS’s YouTube channel and it was actually put up before the episode aired in order to publicize the Dr. Phil Show.

I have a feeling Bum Fights sold a few more copies after the press from this show.

Maybe Ross and Savoy are on to something after all.

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