Dr. Phil Highlights: Male Chauvinist Dick Masterson

Leading up to the seduction community being shown on Dr. Phil on Friday, I figured I’d show some classic clips that show how much of a tool Dr. Phil is.

This might not be a highlight but Dick sure paves the way for the seduction community to look tame no matter how bad Phil tries to spin it.

Dick Masterson is a male chauvinist with a new book and some controversial ideas:

What do you think about him?

I’m not too familiar with this guy but I have a feeling it is an act.

I think the seduction community has made me less chauvinistic and more understanding of women. That being said, is it bad that I got a kick out of it when he made the “treadmill” comment to the self-righteous FUG?!?

Anyhow, Dick has a new book that came out in paperback this past Tuesday called “Men Are Better Than Women“. You can get it at Amazon where it is currently #1 in the “Humor > Self-Help & Psychology” category.

Below is the cover to the book:

Men are better than women by dick masterson