Dwight wears a Three Wolf Moon Shirt on The Office to Pickup Women

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I have a hard time keeping up with all the internet memes going around…

For example on tonight’s episode of The Office, Dwight (played by Rainn Wilson) “peacocked” by putting on a Three Wolf Moon shirt to pickup chicks.

He even used his own opener regarding horses (sorry Brad P, it wasn’t your Horse Girl Opener)… and he pulled a same night lay.

You can see a picture of the shirt here

I didn’t think much of it but I guess the shirt has been a big meme online…

In fact on Amazon there’s 1493 humorous reviews and 228 Photoshopped celebrity pictures regarding the shirt…

When I checked last, it was ranked #3 in top selling clothing on Amazon! I guess it’s so popular that the company who makes the shirt has gotten a book deal over it…


I’m sure Mystery is ordering one as we speak :)

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