Eliminate those limiting beliefs that you have inside your head and fix your inner game

I subscribe to several seduction, dating and various personal blog feeds. About half the posts are good, a quarter are exceptional and the other quarter just plain bore me so I don’t read them.

The posts that I find the most annoying are the elaborately abstract theoretical ones. You know the cryptic ones that are about feelings and spirituality and contemplating reality. The author talks about inner struggles and their mental emotions using the biggest psychological words they can find in the dictionary. By the time you are done reading the post you are scratching your head. You leave a comment like “That’s deep man” just so you don’t seem like an idiot because you don’t get it.

I’m a computer programmer. A lot of my colleagues have no clue about computer programming. If they hit me up about why I don’t have a project done I throw heaps of elaborate programming jargon at them. They are completely baffled by what I’m talking about but it sounds impressive so they think I must be really smart and be doing good. I think people who write posts full of theoretical jargon are trying to make you think they’re smart too.

You can make shit sound really complex or you can try to make it sound simple. I think if you are writing for the masses that it is better to keep it simple.

I admit that a lot of my issues with women were mental. My “inner game” needed tweaking. The way I thought and acted was wrong. I had limiting beliefs that held me down.

I thought I was too tall. I though I was too old. I thought I was too poor.

I was stubborn and bullheaded. I could never admit that I was wrong.

I also couldn’t admit that I was 100% fine in most “physical” areas. Being tall was a plus. Being 30 is young. With my body and present environment I COULD become successful with women. I just needed to change my perception and learn how to act and interact with women.

Overcoming your inner issues to become better with women is like shooting a shotgun for the first time.

I was 11 years old and my Dad took me into a field and set up a target. I had to learn how to shoot because it is almost mandatory in Wisconsin to go deer hunting at the age of 12.

My Dad gave me the gun and I instantly felt fear. I was too young to shoot a shotgun. I was too small and short. The gun was sure to kick back and dislocate or bruise my shoulder. It was going to hurt and make a loud scary noise once I pulled the trigger. I cried my ass off. I pleaded with my Dad but he tried his best to calm my fears while being stern.

I finally pulled the trigger and you know what: it didn’t hurt. I didn’t die. In fact it was a rush.

I went deer hunting for several years. I became a good hunter. I shot several 10 point bucks.

You need to change what needs changing and then have faith in yourself.

Change your outlook, get into the field and pull the trigger.
You can do it. I did it twice. Once at 11 and again at 30.

It’s casual,

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For more advice on strengthening your inner game, Carlos Xuma has a product called Ultimate Inner Game.