Don’t empty your wallet on gifts this Christmas

V at BecomingAPUA is one of my favorite bloggers and has had some really good posts as of lately.  His most recent post is called 4 Priceless Gifts To Give Your Girls This Christmas.

He does a good job of getting the point across that you shouldn’t be breaking the bank on gifts for women in your life.

When I was an AFC I knew deep down inside that I didn’t have my shit together even though I wouldn’t admit it.  I often bought meals, drinks and expensive gifts for people as a lame attempt to compensate for how much I sucked as a friend and boyfriend.  I thought that a filet mignon supper or a fancy piece of jewelry would somehow make the people in my life over see my weaknesses.

The seduction community taught me to focus on eliminating my weaknesses and develop them into strengths.  I now have friends who want to go out with me and women who want to talk to me.  I give them value that does not come with a pricetag.

I try to give my friends and family gifts equal in value to what they give me but with women it is different.

I find that most guys want to raise the stakes as high as possible too early in the relationship.   The problem is if you give a girl you have been only dating for a couple months a $400 piece of jewelry she is going to expect an item of equal or greater value next Christmas.  When Valentine’s Day or her birthday comes, she is going to have that expensive gift in her mind.  Give her a $40 gift and see the disappointment on her face.

A guy who is successful and who maintains attraction in the relationship should think the opposite.

What is the minimum I can give to get by?

I like to do what I did as a kid.
In grade school our teachers used to have us make some piece of art, a craft or a card out of construction paper, crayons or household items.

One Christmas I made a sign saying “MOM” out of colored popcorn kernels, glue and a varnished piece of wood.  One Father’s Day I made a card out of construction paper and crayons.

Make her something that is creative and meaningful to her but doesn’t cost you much.

I also like giving one girl something another person gave me.

If a girl likes plants I will ask her about plants.  She will usually offer me a plant.  I will then give the plant to another girl.

If a girl has a cat who had a litter of kittens she wants to get rid of I will take one and give it to another girl I’m seeing.

If you are a cool person who is in demand, people will want to give you stuff just like celebrities or the cool kid in school.  At work I always have co-workers offering me stuff they don’t need.  Sometimes I will ask people if they have anything that a woman would like that they want to get rid of.

The corporate world wants you to be an AFC lemming who feels forced to buy the people in your life expensive gifts to impress them.  Think outside of the box and impress them with how you act and live your life rather than by buying them expensive material possessions.