Entourage Jumps the Shark

Entourage Season 4 DVD was released last week and the premiere of Season 5 is Sunday on HBO but the news today was that Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps has been offered a recurring role on the show…

Seriously… Michael fucking Phelps?!?!

Sure the dude can swim like a fish and he’s a hot commodity for the time being but why the fuck would I want to see this goon act?!?

I mean wasn’t Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan available if they wanted a buzz worthy cameo?!

I seriously do not think I’m going to watch Entourage any more. First it was the whole Mandy Moore one-itis, then Ari magically turned from a cheating sleazeball to a devoted family man and now this shit…

Unless the episodes involve the guys and Phelps going for some Olympic Village sex with some hot, fit and limber women, I’m not interested.