Entourage Season 4 Released on DVD today

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Entourage is a HBO show loosely based on Mark Wahlberg’s real life where a male movie star lives and parties with two of his 20 and 30-something friends and his older brother.

The show is a refreshing change from all the shitty court and crime dramas and marital sitcoms that are on TV lately.Entourage Season 4 DVD

Season four of Entourage was just released on DVD today. You can order if for $25.99 with free shipping at Amazon.

The premier of Season 5 airs Sunday, September 7th at 10/9c on HBO. I heard in this new season Turtle gets a girlfriend.

Why do the writers have to give these guys steady girlfriends?!? Didn’t they learn from the horrendous train wreck of them giving Vince one-itis over Mandy Moore in Season 2? Why can’t they just keep banging Perfect 10 models and Playboy Playmates?

I’d watch According to Jim if I wanted to watch monogamy…

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