Secrets Of Erotic Hypnosis Review - David Shade

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“The Secrets Of Erotic Hypnosis” is an 8 DVD set from a recent live training featuring David Shade & Mark Cunningham…

Also included are 3 bonuses of 6 more DVD’s all focused
on how to hypnotize women, amplify pleasure & enhance

- “How to Hypnotize Humans”
- “Erotic Hypnotic Orgasm Secrets”
- “Conditioning With Pleasure”
+ TONS more SHOCKING stuff included in “The Secrets Of Erotic Hypnosis”

UPDATE: David Shade just emailed me the following:

This is David Shade. I no longer have a hypnosis product…

So apparently his Secrets Of Erotic Hypnosis program has been discontinued. Instead David has two new programs called “Sexual Power” and “A Woman’s Mind Revealed“. “Sexual Power” is all about becoming better in bed. “A Woman’s Mind Revealed” is focused on female psychology.

The good news is that these new products are much cheaper than David Shade Secrets Of Erotic Hypnosis. In fact, “A Woman’s Mind Revealed” is only $7.

I suggest purchasing both Sexual Power and A Woman’s Mind Revealed as a newer low cost substitute for Secrets Of Erotic Hypnosis.

Check it out here:

Click this SPECIAL link to learn more & get it at the absolute LOWEST offered price…

You can also watch a SHOCKING free video of women being given hypnotic orgasms here. UPDATE: That video was taken down and a new video was added about having Sexual Power with women. Watch that here.

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  • Mar
    March 29th, 2018 at 9:21 pm

    But is it NOT strange while out off the blue he cancels his erotic hypnosis product ???. Or was it a scam ??


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