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Last Thursday went from being current to looking exactly as it did back in August 2007.

I worked with my hosting company, HostPC, and we finally got the issue resolved. It involved my site being on two different servers and my DNS addresses being messed up. They were very helpful and responsive for such a budget hosting company.  I cannot complain.

I recommend HostPC if you are looking for an affordable hosting company for your new or existing site(s). For $40 a year (less than $3.50/month) you get plenty of space and bandwidth. I have five different domains being hosted with just this one $40/year account.

If you want to create a blog like mine, they have a feature called “Installatron” which installs Wordpress and the MySQL database with one button click.  There are many other open source programs that you can install just as easy.

Here are the specs of their $39.99/yr budget plan:

  • 5,000Mb Web space (5 Gigabytes)
  • 50Gb Data Transfer
  • 100 POP3/IMAP Mailboxes
  • UNLIMITED Add on Domains

They also have a $85/yr business plan with more space and bandwidth.

Now that this problem is fixed, I promise to be back to making regular posts.

Check out my post about peacocking that was supposed to be posted on Friday if you haven’t read it yet.

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