Some thoughts on draft day

Green Bay Packers helmetRight now I’m at the Lambeau Field Atrium in Green Bay for the Packers Draft Party.

For me it is just an excuse to party with my friends but for many of the middle aged men here it is an opportunity to stalk guys half their age for their autograph.

My track record shows I have no issue dating or hooking up with girls in their early 20s even though I’m in my early 30s, but I feel weird hounding some guy in his early 20s for their autograph. I admit that is fairly contradicting from a guy who preaches that age is immaterial.

When I was a kid I was the biggest autograph seeker you could imagine. I was like the fucking terminator. I sneaked through crowds and positioned myself in the optimal place to get what I wanted signed. Others would push me and yell at me but I didn’t give a shit. I had players deny my request yet I stayed persistent and didn’t let it bother me.

At one time I kept hounding Marcus Allen and he kept telling me to leave him alone. Finally I stuck my football in his face and he chewed my ass up and down. He really layed into me hard and I probably deserved it.

…but you know what, he signed my football while he was chewing my ass!

I had balls as a kid and I was fearless. These football players outweighed me 3-to-1 and could have snapped me like a twig yet I didn’t give a shit. When I got rejected I evaluated what I did wrong and found new techniques and tricks to not fail in the same manner again.

What I want to know was how this same kid a few years later became a candy ass wussbag around teenage girls? It wasn’t logical.

I wanted to get laid just like I wanted to get an autograph years earlier. Yet when I tried and got rejected I let it get to me. I bitched and whined about how “illogical” women were.

The truth was that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Before you blame women for your lack of success or your failure evaluate yourself first.

Nothing worth achieving in life is going to be easy. Find your balls and use them.